Auto Regenerator  CSS and JS version - Cache  Prestashop
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Auto Regenerator CSS and JS version - Cache Prestashop

This is a module that we really think should be Prestashop standard function. Let me explain why this is a MUST HAVE MODULE, if you make changes on your frontend now and then


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When a customer visits your site they cache your site, CSS and JS in their browser. The customer returns next day, and you upgraded your site to an iFrame checkout with Klarna or made other changes. Because of the browser cache the customer is not able to go to checkout and leave the cart and go to another shop and buy. You want to make changes to your site to get it more attractive and easier for customers to buy, but after every change you risk losing customers.

This module put a version number on JS and CSS so the customers browser can compare and see, It’s time for update! This without the customer even notice.


No more e-mail from customers not able to shop and you must try to explain how to clear cache in the browser! So, get your cache, JS and CSS buster bomb today to clear the way for customers can shop from you direct after changes on your web. Best of all, very easy to install and nothing you need to configure!


The main functionality of the module is to change the CSS version manually through the backend module in order to force all the browsers to regenerate their internal cache, in this way they see the changes immediately made on any redesign made in our store Prestashop

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