Affiliate marketing and Conversion Tracking - Adrecord Prestashop
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Affiliate marketing and Conversion Tracking - Adrecord Prestashop

Affiliate marketing focusing on increasing your sales and profit, in Sweden and internationally


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Adrecord is an affiliate network with long experience and broad knowledge that helps with affiliate marketing in a friendly and transparent way. With our help you can set up and administer an affiliate program according to your terms,, and create relationships with talented affiliates.

Get the opportunity to expose your brand and products on websites and blogs. You only pay for results in terms of increased sales.

Efficient online marketing!

Get more traffic and conversions for your e-business or website, only pay for good results.

Adrecord offers flexible solutions for digital advertisers to collaborate with affiliates and other publishers in a transparent and powerful way.

You're the boss

As an advertiser you decide what roles and terms affiliates need to follow, and how they are allowed to market your brand.

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